Skype Toolbar for Firefox

Use Skype from Mozilla Firefox


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Skype has become one of the most used programs in the fields of VoIP, and now, you can use it without closing your webbrowser.

Skype Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox is a toolbar which includes itself on your browser and show you the Skype logo and some functions of it.

Directly from your browser you will be able to see your status, your contacts, the money you have in SkypeOut and more features that wll make easier the use of Skype.

In addition if there is a phone number in the page you are watching, you will only have to pass the mouse over it and it will appear a small window sindicating the possibility of phoning directly just clicking on it.

Skype toolbar is probably one of the most wanted toolbars and it exists also for Internet Explorer, you can download it at
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